Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commony asked questions about Casino Party Hire:

The way we run our casino fun nights is legal. Our respect for the law means you will be protected.
1. Information extracted from the Queensland Government Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.
We are an original casino hire company with hand-crafted, full-size tables specifically designed for the mobile casino market. Our matching tables create a uniform look found in casinos, adding to the realism of the event.
There are two ways to book your casino fun night; ring 1800-386-227, or use the Quick Quote form to provide us with your casino party requirements and we’ll take it from there.
We offer five of the major traditional casino games; Craps (Dice) Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker & 3 Card Poker.
See the Casino Games section for more information.
The typical fun casino night lasts for three hours. This can be extended before the event for an additional 20% of the table price per hour, or on the night for an additional 25% of the table price per hour.
Setup and pack up times will vary depending on the number of gaming tables hired. For small events, please allow approximately one hour to setup and forty five minutes to pack up. As per our terms and conditions, we will usually allow up to half an hour after the event finishes before commencing pack up.
Please contact us to discuss your overall party ideas or your function schedule and how the casino fun night can complement other entertainment offered . This information is crucial to achieve the best value out from your casino hire budget. We have years of experience that enables us to orchestrate your fun casino for maximum entertainment.
The Real Deal Fun Casino is based in south east Queensland but welcomes enquiries from all regions in Queensland and northern New South Wales.
We travel Australia wide when people demand The Real Deal!
Absolutely not! Some businesses forget ‘the customer is always right’ and we do not want to limit the night’s entertainment by coercing you into a function format that may not suit you and your guests. We can offer a range of casino entertainment formats to suit your planned function. Please note, some functions perform better in a competition style, but we firmly believe in ‘horses for courses’.
Close attention must be paid to this area of casino party hire. The gaming regulation infers that it is illegal as per the Criminal Code Act 1899 to use gaming facilities (such as the facilities our company offers) to enable gambling.

Queensland gaming regulators state on their website:

A person who operates a place for the conduct of an unlawful game would be committing an offence under section 232 of the Criminal Code Act 1899 – maximum penalty—600 penalty units or three years imprisonment.

An Unlawful Game is a game where players risk anything of value to play.1 The person who operates a place for an unlawful game could be you – the customer. So for your protection, be specific about any Fun Casino fundraising enquiry, as to whether or not those strategies to raise money could breach the Criminal Code.
The Real Deal Fun Casino adheres to all Gaming Regulations. We will offer a variety of legal and promotable ways to raise funds.

These particular guests will get the most out of your fun casino night. They will learn all about the games we offer, so that if they do enter a casino in the future, they will have had first-hand experience at playing these casino games.
Yes. The Real Deal Fun Casino holds $10 million in public liability for private and small events, and holds $20 million in public liability for larger events.
Enough of the serious stuff...
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